Camaro Rally 2015

Thank you for checking out FOTOmotive's coverage of the 2015 Sturgis Camaro Rally.
Below you will find all of our photos from this year's event, split up into albums by event.

Thank you for checking out our 2016 Sturgis Camaro Rally coverage! We are your official Camaro Rally photographers for the 3rd year in a row, and we've thoroughly enjoyed (and learned alot) every year we've done it.
We worked hard to find a location that wasn't a boring brown wall, and have found some prime real estate. We have also had some custom banners printed up for the occasion. Not only will they be featured in this year's lineup photos, but we will be giving one away as well! Everyone who purchases either an RS or SS Package will be automatically entered!
Also we ask that if you share photos that you use the Official Camaro Rally tag: #SCR16
This allows everyone who can't attend, and everyone who wants to keep up on everything to search for that tag and see everything shared using it. This will work on facebook, instagram and Tumblr!

With all of that being said... Have a blast!
We will be at the Autocross all day Friday
The drag races all evening Friday
The lineup & Car show all day Saturday
and the Banquet Saturday evening.
If you see us at an event and want us to make sure to get photos of your car, track us down and ask :D We should be wearing FOTOmotive apparel.

Should you have ANY questions, please contact:
As we process them, they will be put in the appropriate galleries below... once we have them all uploaded find your photos in the events you participated in, and be sure to check out our two photo packages:

RS Package

4"x6" Photo Magnet
(2) 4"x6" Photos
8"x10" Metallic Print
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SS Package

4"x6" Photo Magnet
(2) 4"x6" Photos
8"x10" Metallic Print
Photo License Plate
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Autocross 2016 Gallery

Drag Race

Drag Race 2016 Gallery