Cars and Coffee - Black Hills


Welcome to the homepage of Cars and Coffee BH. For now this will serve as a parking spot for further information.
Our events are hosted on Facebook, but we understand that not everyone has or wants to have Facebook.  
These events can be found at: FB: Cars and Coffee - Black Hills 

For now one of the only other ways to stay current on our events is to join our mailing list. To be included in future mailings: Send an email to:

What is Cars and Coffee?
Not quite a “car show” and often a little less formal than a “cruise-in”, cars and coffee type events represent informal early morning gatherings comprised of just about anyone regardless of age, race, creed, color or gender. Waking up before the sun rises and driving out to a specified location to meet up with other car enthusiasts and share a cup of joe allows us to show off our rides while celebrating our automotive “friends.” Unlike a formal car show, there typically aren’t any set rules on what qualifies as a participating vehicle, and in-progress project cars are often parked right beside late-model exotics.

What makes our events different?
Cars and Coffee BH is an informal gathering of like-minded enthusiasts who meet and share their passion for automobiles, over the optional cup of joe. While most chapters of C&C are at the same location every month, we try to spread the chips in hopes that friends from all areas can attend. We meet the 3rd Saturday of the month throughout the Black Hills. Everyone is invited and there are no memberships or dues required. We love seeing kids out enjoying the scene, and try to have goodies to help encourage their attendance. ALL Makes, ALL Models, ALL Ages are welcome.
How can I help support CnCBH?
For now there are a couple of ways to help us, mostly revolving around spreading word of our events, showing up, and getting friends to show up with you. For now, all promotional items, and costs associated with these events are being paid for by our friends at FOTOmotive. They help organize these events, and are at each events taking photographs. These photographs are for sale, and can be purchased on their website: 
We also plan to approach sponsors next year, in order to continue to promote these events, as well as be able to provide merch, starting with Shirts, Hats, & Coffee Mugs. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor: Contact us at: